Janice Cuts the Grass
Tamie Gaudet

To the dump truck driver
who honked when he passed
me riding the lawn tractor
dressed in shorts and a halter top
I have two things to say.
I have taken courses in women’s studies
and the brightest feminists instructed
me to be offended by your objectifying noise.
To scream back at you about my brilliance
and wave around my degrees to prove it.
I really don’t like being told
what to do by a man or a woman.
I am an equal opportunity protector
of my independence. I know degrees
don’t prove a thing but I promise
that after morning coffee
most people consider me
of average intelligence so maybe
next time you could beep
for the mind beneath the skin.
P.S. I really did wear the clothes
for you so thanks for noticing.

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