Daphne Buter’s Comments

My father, Hans Buter, was a successful photographer in the Netherlands. My sister and I had to model too often during our childhood. However, I wouldn’t have missed it.

First I made a living as a graphic designer and illustrator, but I always wanted to write. I became a writer, but my books are strongly composed with images. For the past couple of years I have become more and more interested in photography as well. I like to give pictures more impact with Photoshop. I prefer to shoot the pictures myself, and then I alter them with Photoshop. Mostly I have a scene in my head and I want to see it on the outside of my head. I work with very little equipment and sometimes with a model. I have no studio and no expensive cameras. Often I shoot pictures with nothing but my scanner. When a picture is shot I can imagine the end result in my mind’s eye and I work to make it true. I like Photoshop huge because I can bring out the best of every shot. It becomes more graphic art than photography to me. This way I can combine it all—my imagery way of thinking, my ability to draw, and my interest in photography.

I cannot tell much about the process. I just try things out and when the effect works for me I believe it will work for others, too. I’m still learning because Photoshop has a lot of options I haven’t figured out how to use yet. The basic thing is still shooting a good picture first.

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