Detail from Judith II (1909), Gustav Klimt


Lou Amodeo is a recent graduate from the University of Illinois who now lives in Chicago, where he pretends to be a young professional. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in Word Riot, Dicey Brown, and Montage, a journal at the U of I. He also has a story forthcoming in the Southeast Review. Lou likes the following things: pizza, photography, and cooking. His biggest goal in life: to have his black cat, Wayne, featured on the cover of Cat Fancy magazine. He can be reached at

Kim Chinquee’s recent fiction appears in NOON, Denver Quarterly, Conjunctions, Fiction International, elimae, and other journals. She teaches creative writing at Central Michigan University.

Jai Clare lives in southwest England and has been published in The London Magazine, Agni, The Barcelona Review, Bonfire, Nemonymous, Pedestal Magazine, and Night Train, among others. She is pursuing a Ph.D. at The University of Gloucestershire and maintains a Web site at and a litblog at She has recently become poetry editor for Bonfire Magazine.

Martin Galvin has been writing and publishing poems in journals for thirty years as an “outsider,” unconnected to any particular school or attitude. He has one book, Wild Card, that won a contest judged by Howard Nemerov, and several chapbooks. In the past ten years, he has had poems in The New Republic, Poetry, The Atlantic Monthly, Commonweal, Poets Against the War, and many other journals. He says, “I am particularly delighted to be one of the spiders in any good part of the Web÷a reality that can only help to spread the good effects of poetry.”

Andrey Gavrilov was born in 1961 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. He graduated from Rostov State University at 1983 with a degree in physics. Now he works as a programmer. He took up photography in 2003.

Elizabeth P. Glixman’s poetry, fiction, and interviews can be read online at Moondance, Wicked Alice, In Posse Review, Laura, FRiGG, storySouth, Eclectica, and 3 A.M. Magazine and in print in Tough Times Companion, a publication of the Institute on Violence and Survival at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities, and several mass-market story anthologies. She is currently looking for a publisher for her poetry collections, Voices at Night and Reliquary. Her poetry will appear in the fall issue of Wicked Alice and a future issue of Mindfire Renewed and at (poems each day by different poets until the election).

Meridith Gresher trained as a classical dancer at The Atlanta School of Ballet and apprenticed with International Ballet Rotaru. Ultimately, she traded point shoes for pen and legal pad before the days of her laptop. She writes poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and screenplays. She runs a journal called Talking to Grief, has been published in The Journal of Modern Post, and has poetry forthcoming in the debut edition of Blast Magazine. She says, “If you’re absolutely mad about every last syllable I’ve written and want to publish all of them (or just tell me how great I am) you can reach me at

Brian Howell lives in Japan with his wife and two children. He has published a novel, The Dance of Geometry, and a collection of short stories, The Sound of White Ants. Both books made the longlists for the British Fantasy Awards in 2003 and 2005, respectively. He is working on his fourth novel.

Mark A. Lipowicz is a native of Chicago who studied engineering and business and works in business publishing in New York City, where he creates "must-have, must-buy" electronic information in coordination with about a zillion other people. His poems appear in current or recent issues of Rattle, Tryst, Pebble Lake Review and Folly, and elsewhere. He can be reached at

Dennis Mahagin is a writer and musician from the Pacific Northwest. His work appears in many notable literary journals worldwide including edifice WRECKED, Absinthe Literary Review, 42opus, Prairie Dog 13, 3 A.M., Underground Voices, Ink Pot, Slow Trains, and Stirring: A Literary Collection. Currently hard at work on a Thom Jones fan letter, he plans on hand-delivering the finished product to his idol’s Seattle-area front door sometime before decade’s end. Dennis doggedly revises this missive every single morning÷and it really is getting to be quite a Fan Letter! To view a template or excerpt, be sure to check out Dennis’s blog at 4 hour hard on.

Mike Markel is a writing teacher at Boise State University, and he started writing fiction a couple of years ago. He’s published a handful of mystery stories and literary stories, and seven nonfiction books about literature and about writing. Mike is currently looking for a publisher for his novel, Impersonal Demons. He can be reached at

P.L. Mosher’s fiction has appeared in Ink Pot, Summerset Review, Pindeldyboz, and other publications. One story placed second in the Paul Gillette Memorial Writing Contest, and a second story received honorable mention in the Literary Potpourri Celebration Writing Contest. You can reach her at

Dan Nowak is pursuing his MFA in poetry from the brief-residency program at Spalding University. His poetry can be found in Heliotrope, freefall, and the Mid America Poetry Review among others. Dan enjoys playing with language and skateboarding when weather permits. He is currently starting to get depressed because summer is over and so begins Ohio’s gray season.

Brian Reynolds is recently retired and now lives in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada. For some twenty-five years he off-and-on taught school (elementary to college), shelved books, refereed basketball games, and drew landscapes in the far north. Now he’s writing it all down as if he’d dreamed it. His fiction has appeared in SmokeLong Quarterly, edifice WRECKED, insolent rudder, Gator Springs Gazette, Melange Magazine, Whistling Shade, and Slow Trains.

Sarah Sarai’s fiction has been published in Tampa Review, The Antigonish Review, South Dakota Review, Webster Review, stet,, and others, and one story is forthcoming in weber studies; her poems in ZYZZYVA, Fine Madness, and others. She’s been a clerical roustabout, high school teacher, college lecturer, and object of affection. She lives in New York City.

Smith Browne is not herself a cannibal; she has not played one on TV; but she has breastfed a child with teeth. She also edits Strix Varia.

Jamie Zerndt lives in Portland, Oregon, and recently received a postcard from Ted Kooser. Contact Jamie at